One of the oldest cafes in Cairo and arguably the most famous in the Arab world. Located in the heart of the labyrinthine souk Khan el-Khalili, El-Fishawi has seen, for 240 years, intellectuals, people of the quarter, merchants, deliverers of the souk, celebrities and anonymous. You have to go there to discover how cafes are the meeting places of the Cairotes.

Naguib Mahfouz, Nobel Prize winner of literature in 1988, had his habits at El-Fishawi, whose atmosphere inspired him. The place was also frequented by King Farouk or the poet Ahmad Rami, author of several songs of Oum Kalsoum.

El-Fishawi has preserved its patina and soul, with its large mirrors and beautiful old-fashioned chandeliers. It does not seem to have changed for two centuries. It is a place where you have to know how to take your time, enjoying a mint tea or smoking the shisha. With an eye on the permanent spectacle of the souk Khan el-Khalili

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